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These are the instructions for setting up Virtual Web Trends for use with Windows 95. Please make sure you follow every detail of the directions.
  1. Launch Web Trends from the Start Menu / Programs / Virtual Web Trends /Virtual Web Trends.
  2. Click on the add button to add your web site.
  3. Name your log report in the Description, Report Title box. Type your web address along with /inetsrv.log into the URL path. Click on the NEXT option.
  4. Make sure the Automatically is checked in the look up IP addresses. Click the NEXT button.
  5. Type domain name into the home page directory. The default home page is index.htm. Click the NEXT button
  6. If you want to exclude certain addresses from your reports type the address here. Click the FINISH button.
  7. Your setup is now complete. To test virtual web trends double click on the report you have created.

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