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Marketing Objectives- Because the businesses we serve are as diverse as the web sites we design, we at Impact Business Solutions believe in a detailed analysis of the marketing objectives and expectations of our clients before the start of any project. We then use this information to develop an effective marketing strategy and conceptual design of your corporate web site.

Construction / Design- After clearly defining the goals and expectations of our client and determining the best methods for meeting these objectives, we then set out to design a web-site which infuses your companies marketing material with the latest interactive media tools available. Visual appeal, consistency, and functionality are the key elements of a powerful web-site. Integrating these elements with your marketing material is how Impact Business Solutions designs a web-site that communicates your message with impact.

Interactive Media Tools - We at Impact believe that one of the most significant advantages to advertising on a web-site as compared to other advertising mediums is the interactive format which the web-site brings to your potential customer. We provide a wide range of the latest Internet technologies including Shock Wave, Cold Fusion, Frames, CGI, Java, VRML, Search Engines, Forms, Streaming Video and Audio and Tables. Integrating these technologies with your company's advertising material brings your product to your customer in a dynamic visually appealing form. Although we feel these technologies are essential to developing an effective web-site, some of these features cause your web-site to require more time to download of the Internet. Our web-sites maintain a design that incorporates these technologies while still providing a fast loading, straightforward, visually appealing page.

Marketing - Impact Business Solutions believes that information about your potential clients is one of the most valuable resources for expanding your customer base. Included in all web design packages is Virtual Web Trends software. Virtual Web Trends software can be used to develop extensive profiles of your web visitors.This information can then be used to develop effective marketing strategies and make any necessary adjustments to your site.

Maintenance - In order for a web-site to be an effective medium for advertising, it has to be maintained and updated to reflect changes in your business and the services you offer, and also change which can occur within your market. Because different types of sites require different amounts of maintenance, Impact offers a complete range of
maintenance programs that are designed to help your site communicate with more impact.

Quality Control - Before putting your site on the world wide web, our web designers conduct a complete site walk through to ensure that all aspects of the site meet customer expectations and specifications. This process insures that our web-sites are of the most exceptional quality and that we live up to our customer satisfaction guarantee.

Internet Search Engines - A web site is virtually useless if no one can find it. By submitting your web-site to all the major Internet search engines, we at Impact can insure that your web site does not get lost on the ever-growing world wide web.

Satisfaction Guarantee - Impact Business Solution is committed to providing complete customer satisfaction by providing quality services, timely response, customized solutions, and continuous growing relationships with our clients.

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