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Web Site Design

The explosion of Internet usage in the last five years has made the corporate web site an invaluable sales, advertising, and marketing resource for businesses both large and small. Because of the enormous number of commercial web sites on the world wide web today, designing a unique web site which effectively markets your organization has become an increasingly challenging task. Impact Business Solutions is experienced at creating unique interactive, visually appealing web sites which continually set new standards in the field of commercial web site design. From initial consultation to ongoing support, IBS provides an experienced staff committed to excellence and devoted to helping our clients use the world wide web to improve all aspects of the way they do business.

Web Hosting

IBS provides a complete range of quality web-hosting services at extremely affordable rates. Because our server is connected directly to a T3 line, the fastest connection available today, we provide a reliable lightning fast connection sending your web-site world wide in seconds.

Reliability is our primary concern when providing web-hosting services. Because we use only the latest technology available today and our staff of professionals have a complete understanding of the most current Internet hardware and software, we at IBS can insure that we provide the most reliable web-hosting services in the world.

Web Server Installation

With the explosion of the personal computer, the world wide web has become an ever increasing popular place to market products and services and exchange important information. Impact Business Solutions is experienced at providing a broad range of web server options ranging from independent turnkey web server installation, to integrating your web server with your current networking system. Our staff can also assist with continuing consultation and support.

Intranet Development

As corporations begin to realize the value of the Internet as a tool for communication and marketing, the corporate Intranet has become more and more common in today’s business world. Our Corporate Intranet Development process begins with a clear assessment of the goals and ambitions of your organization. We then set out to design an Intranet structure which enables your company to streamline internal communications, improve employee productivity, reduce communication and collaboration barriers, encourage employee use of network and Internet applications, and provide for a clear and user friendly channel for corporate communications and interaction.

Internet Marketing

The Internet has become an essential part of the advertising and sales strategy for companies around the world. With so many companies migrating to the web, competition for Internet exposure has become intense. The most common mistake today's company's make is spending thousands of dollars on development and zero dollars on marketing. Impact Business Solutions provides a wide range of Internet Marketing Services including: web site redesign for optimum search engine placement, search engine submission, procurement of banner advertising, press releases to newsgroups and various other forms of interactive marketing.

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