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E-mail is fast becoming the chosen means of communication for today's business world. Impact Business Solutions offers a wide range of e-mail solutions including: e-mail routing, setup of e-mail accounts on your company's LAN and server, POP3 accounts, Dedicated Exchange Servers and turnkey mail servers for your LAN.

ISDN is an affordable option if dsl is unavaliable for small to midsize businesses which require limited Internet access and e-mail capabilities for up to 20 users. Impact Business Solutions offers low cost ISDN Internet connectivity including everything from hardware to monthly support.

DSL is quickly becoming a popular option for Internet access because of the high bandwidth offered at a very economical price. With DSL it is also easy to upgrade to a faster connection without costly hardware upgrades. These factors make DSL an extremely scaleable, high bandwidth option for fast growing companies. Call IBS for a free needs analysis.

T1 / T3
For companies requiring a fast uninterrupted direct connection T1 is an excellent choice. T1 connectivity is excellent for businesses with 50-100 users, or companies that require heavier Internet usage for tasks such as: downloading, heavy surfing, or large file transfer.

Fiber MAN's or Metropolitan Area Networks are now becoming very popular high speed option to the local ILEC high speed sonnet network. Impact Business Solutions is now offering Fiber internet connections in Baltimore City and the surrounding areas. With connections speeds up to 1 Gbps, Impact Business Solutions can offer LAN speed Internet connections to Baltimore City.

Networks are more important in today's business world than ever before. Networks allow for the free flow of data. By networking workstations, your company can, streamline internal communications, improve employee productivity, and reduce communication and collaboration barriers. Installing a network is one of the most cost-productive decisions a business can make. Impact Business Solutions can custom design an affordable network for your business.

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