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The environment in which we conduct business in today is so dynamic and complex, having a full understanding of the most current resources available and the most efficient ways to use them is essential to the survival of any corporation. Our staff of professionals represents years of experience in the marketing, communications, graphic design, information technology, and computer industries. Our diversity is what allows us to offer consultation services on a spectrum of topics, including everything from Internet marketing strategies to corporate Intranet development across multiple platforms.


- Web Server Installation / Configuration featuring Microsoft Internet Information Server and Apache Web Server

- High Speed Internet Solutions DSL, ISDN, T1 and T3 connections

- Windows NT/2000 Networking Upgrading / migration Services

- Web Database Development with Mysql

- Mail Server design and Installation with Sendmail, Postfix or MS Exchange. IBS can offer server configurations for your mail system using the above mentioned mail servers. Our most popular configuration requires 2 mail servers, one to provide the spam and antivirus filtering and one to hold the users accounts.

- Unix Operating Systeminstallation and support for the UNIX environment including Red Hat, Gentoo Mandrake, Debian, FreeBSD, BSDI. Our consultants can configure any custom solution for your business.

- Cisco Hardware design, installation / configuration and support. Our Cisco team is committed to design / install / consult

- Foundry Networks Hardware design, installation / configuration and support. Our Foundry team is committed to design / install / consult

- Firewall Configuration / Hardening Our firewall engineers can design you several firewall options: IP Chains, IP Tables, IPFW, Cisco Pix, or a Layer 2 firewall.

- Monitoring of Computer Services via the Internet. IBS can configure our monitoring server to alert you via email, pager or both to system outages, service outages, Internet connections performance issues or no connectivity

- Search Engine Placement

- Web Design

- Streaming Video and Audio

Please call 1-800-536-1573 for pricing on consultation services.

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